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Course’s Forex Seminar™ (FFF)

Learning to trade the Foreign  Currency Exchange, the largest legal cash flow industry in the World, can be an  arduous and expensive task unless you have a systematic mentoring program to  guide you.   A new trader should consider a high-quality  mentoring program as the most cost-effective way to acquire profit-producing  trading skills and thus avoid the pitfalls that so many others commonly experience.  Our mentors are willing to share the secrets of how they place entries, stops  and limits, with an emphasis on increasing your odds of success in the Forex. and its  affiliate sites teach you how to trade the Forex from the convenience of your home,  business location, or anywhere in the world., its affiliates and its representatives encourage  traders not to blindly trust opinions, rumors, software or fundamental  announcements without personally confirming a potential trade.  Our consistent and documented success derives  from following a methodical system of proven trading principles, reliable technical  signals and personal disciplines.  In  addition, we train traders to overcome the dangers of fear and greed, the two  emotional termites which most frequently destroy the margin accounts of many  ambitious novice traders.

Three Step Training:

As  Don says, “Forex earning begins with Forex learning.”  We’ve designed a three-phase process for you  to systematically acquire the knowledge and skills required for profitable  Forex trading.

  • Free Three-Session LIVE WEBINAR Trading Preview (by invitation only):  Depending upon your time zone, you may have to get up early. But you’ll love  the energy, insight and “wow” factor of Don Snellgrove’s weekday morning[1] trading webinar.  Witness live trades (some  may pay-out during the session), examine a current trading history  with hundreds of trades without  losses (you’ll see just one!), learn Don’s approach to stop-loss, discover  the slow and safe path to making steady money in Forex, see how Don earns  consistently through his world-famous“305 trades”, see how Don sets up his  dealing station and employs his proprietary “SmartCharts”, ask Don your Forex  questions . . . and so much more.  To request a three-session invitation to  the morning live trading webinar, please fill out our request form by clicking HERE.
  • LIVE…IN PERSON…One and Two-Day Courses: Don’s celebrated in-person workshops are intensive and packed with valuable currency trading theory and practice you can use immediately.  You’ll come away feeling stuffed, but the good news is that your tuition includes repeat audits.  Don wants you to “get it”.  So his training door is open to you when a workshop you’ve previously taken is in session. (While priority is given to first time attendees, often there’s extra room for returning audit students.) Don’s core curriculum includes: a survey of Forex market essential knowledge, trade confirmations, trend projecting, understanding and apply elementary Fibonacci ratios, interpreting the SmartCharts Proprietary Data Window, RCU/RCD levels, Proprietary Clusters and Extreme Levels, along with a careful introduction to major currency pairs and how to trade them safely and profitably. is  currently offering the following live seminars taught by Don Snellgrove. (To be  notified of upcoming live sessions, click HERE.)
    • Option One – One Day Three Currency Pairs Seminar  $2,000: Includes  core curriculum plus detailed training on trading three specific major currency  pairs, one month of access to SmartCharts, followed by Group One level mentoring  through the weekday Live Trading webinar.  (Note: a series of one-day live seminars will  be offered through the year, each focusing on a different cluster of three  major currency pairs. This offers you a choice to master three pairs at a time  as you progress or to focus on just one or two clusters best suited to your  risk appetite.
    • Option Two – One Day Metals Trading Seminar $2,500 USD:  Includes core curriculum, three currency  pairs with an emphasis on trading in the fast moving metals markets, one month  of access to SmartCharts, followed by Group One level mentoring through the  weekday Live Trading webinar.
    • Option Three – Two Day All Inclusive Seminar $5,500  USD: Includes core curriculum, metals  trading, all major currency pairs, one month access to SmartCharts, followed by  Group One level mentoring through the weekday Live Trading webinar.  (Qualifies for $750 tuition credit for  previous attendance[2] at the Online Two Hour Gold Trading course. Net cost: $4,750 USD.)
    • Option Four – Two Day All Inclusive $6,500 USD: Includes all content offered in Option Three plus seven  months of access to SmartCharts.  (Qualifies  for $750 tuition credit for previous attendance[3] at the Online Two Hour Gold Trading course. Net cost: $5,750 USD.)


Why pay to learn?

With so much free Forex information  available on YouTube, Google, and through trading forums, why should you even  consider paying for a mentoring program?

First, in the world of the Forex,  you truly get what you pay for.  This is  a serious business, not a gambler’s den.   While the rewards can be fast and high, the risks are even higher.  An untrained trader is akin to a child at the  wheel of a Formula One race car. A crash is inevitable.

Secondly, a novice trader doesn’t  know what s/he doesn’t know.  That is one  of the major reasons 80% of new traders seriously fail. Beginners should regard  the Forex as a kind of financial minefield; you need a good guide – or you  shouldn’t enter it.  Our mentors’  experiences will save you far more than you’ll ever invest in training.  (One of our now successful traders lost  $14,000 in two months due to overtrading his account.  Some have lost much more before realizing the  benefits of good training.)

Thirdly, a trader ultimately pays  for his/her education – either voluntarily through good training or through  inexperience, emotional decisions and loss. In the long run, effective training  doesn’t really cost you. Why? Because it can actually prevent the losses you will  inevitably sustain without a trading coach and a trading strategy.  Not convinced yet?   We will happily provide references from  among our alumni who will share their “before and after” experiences with you.

Fourthly, consider this: In the  world of Forex education, cheap isn’t necessarily good and good isn’t  necessarily cheap.  It’s no exaggeration  to say that, due to their actual earning potential, Don Snellgrove’s courses  are worth at least twice the rates posted here.   But Don has a passion for teaching ordinary people to achieve  extraordinary results in the Forex.   Success talks – and successful students refer friends and family.  Those positive referrals save us marketing  dollars, a savings which we can pass on to you in the form of more reasonable  rates.

Finally, while you may invest in  one, two, or three of our courses as part of your Forex career building skills,  you will have ongoing access to weekday mentoring through the Live Trading  Webcast.  Many of our traders, some of  whom now have hundreds of trades in a row with no losses[4],  tell us the Webinar gives them a major trading advantage.  At, we can confirm  that Don Snellgrove’s training has helped some serious traders become high net  worth earners.

“Ala Carte” Access to SmartCharts  with SmartSignals: $349.99 per month

(ONLY $250 per month WITH any one of  the training courses!)

If you are already an experienced  trader and wish to subscribe to our proprietary SmartCharts trading signals  software, you may.  Rate increases do not  affect subscribers who currently hold grandfathered status. Grandfathered rates  are for the initial package subscribed to and are void if any changes are made  to the existing service. Please note that subscribers will be subject to a  15-day grace period. If subscription payments lapse for 15 days, the grandfathered  rates will expire and subscribers will be subject to the current rates at that  time. (Upon attending the Forex  Seminar, the SmartCharts™ monthly subscription will be discounted to  $249.99.)

Forex Mentor Requirements

Our Registered Mentors are rigorously  qualified and monitors  and maintains an ongoing history of each trainer for quality control purposes.  To qualify as a registered mentor, each candidate must intern a minimum of 136 hours and prove that s/he can trade a minimum of 200  trades successfully without a loss. The mentors’ trading histories proving  the 200 successful trades are printed from a broker’s dealing station, filed  with a Primary Market Maker, and are also on file at the corporate office. (Note: Past  performance is not indicative of future results.)

Our mentors take pride in the fact  that they never access your computer throughout the entire trading course. Our  hands-on systematic training increases the new trader’s comprehension of market  and trading dynamics, which are then cultivated as skills to apply in trade  scenarios. New traders who follow the curriculum are allowed to repeat the  course for FREE. This return audit opportunity is one of our open secrets to  producing outstanding traders. We encourage our traders to take the course as  many times as possible. Our mentors have accumulated strong, positive trading  successes because they are constantly in tune with the market signals and  regularly teaching effective rules of trading. New traders who repeat the  course learn much more through hearing and seeing successive repetitions of winning  trading skills.

Referral Program Available

Our special referral program can  make it possible for you to attend our weekday morning Forex trading sessions  for free. After completing the two-hour Gold Training Course, you need to  establish a trading margin account with a broker for as little as $1,000.00  (“mini” dealing station). We are currently negotiating with several  companies for the purpose of establishing a “MICRO” account whereby a trader  may begin trading with as little as $300 and learn to trade with pennies. Even  with a “micro” account, you will be able to acquire the same successful trading  skills that the more seasoned traders use in the much larger “mini” and  “standard” trading accounts. If you have the will, desire, and the time  to learn, even beginning with very little money, there is always a way to  improve yourself. If you would like more information about this very special  referral opportunity, then Click Here and fill out our contact form for your confidential request and personal explanation of  the program.


If you would like to register for any of the courses we offer, please click HERE to be directed to our Forex Course Registration Request form and we will notify you of the next course availability dates!


[1] Subject to change on short notice.   Currently offered at 6am Eastern time (New York).

[2] To qualify for the $750 USD credit, the two-day Inclusive Course must be taken  within four months of attending the online two hour gold trading course.)

[4] maintains validated records of string trades voluntarily provided  by many of our most successful traders.   Our mentors are required to achieve and maintain certain string trading  goals.

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