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Guided Instruction

The Forex Seminar™ (FFF)

Learning to trade the Foreign Currency Exchange, the largest legal cash flow industry in the World, can be an arduous and expensive task unless you have a systematic mentoring program to guide you.   A new trader should consider a high-quality mentoring program as the most cost-effective way to acquire positive trading skills and thus avoid the pitfalls that so many others commonly experience. Our mentors are willing to share the secrets on how they place entries, stops and limits, with an emphasis on increasing your odds of success in the Forex. and its affiliate sites teach individuals how to trade the Forex from the convenience of their homes, business location, or anywhere in the world., its affiliates and its representatives encourage traders to not blindly trust opinions, rumors, software or fundamental announcements without personally confirming a potential trade.  Our consistent success in the Forex market derives from following a methodical system of proven trading principles and reliable technical signals.  In addition, we train traders to overcome the dangers of fear and greed, the twin emotional termites which frequently destroy the margin accounts of many ambitious novice traders.

Topics Covered

Our world-class educational courses explore Forex market basics, trading basics and trade confirmations including: Trends, Elementary Fibonacci ratios and applications, Proprietary Intelligent Data Window, RCU/RCD levels, Proprietary Clusters and Extreme levels. We believe we are the only charting service to provide our traders with access to proprietary “Extreme Levels” that most banks use for their trading. We strive to offer safe and reliable proprietary trades within currency pairs, such as the Japanese Yen / US Dollar, gold and the US dollar combination and others. Techniques are adjusted and applied to suit beginners as well as experienced traders.

Schedule of Rates

Fact: Forex courses are often expensive.  The content, methods, and duration of our acclaimed two-day Forex Seminar (FFF) are valued at $15,000.  However, we are now offering this course for $7,000.00 USD plus travel. No exceptions.  Due to the valuable time of the mentor and the proprietary information that is provided, once a session begins there are no refunds. The course cost is prorated by currency value if taught in other countries. We offer discounts for group sessions and fees are determined by the size of the group.  (Buyer beware: In the world of Forex education, cheap isn’t necessarily good and good isn’t necessarily cheap.  A trader always pays for his/her education – either through good training or through market inexperience and loss. In the long run, effective training doesn’t really cost you. Why? Because it can actually prevent the losses you will inevitably sustainwithout a trading coach and a trading strategy.  Not convinced yet?   We will happily provide references from among our alumni who will share their “before and after” experiences with you.)

Course Rates:

The Forex Seminar™ (FFF): $7,000.00 USD

The ONE-DAY Forex Seminar (FFF): $5,000 USD

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SmartCharts with SmartSignals: $349.99 per month

Upon attending the Forex Seminar, the SmartCharts™ monthly subscription will be discounted to $249.99. (Rate increases do not affect subscribers who currently hold grandfathered status. Grandfathered rates are for the initial package subscribed to and are void if any changes are made to the existing service. Please note that subscribers will be subject to a 15-day grace period. If subscription payments lapse for 15 days, the grandfathered rates will expire and subscribers will be subject to the current rates at that time.)

Mentor Requirements

Our Registered Mentors are rigorously qualified and monitors and maintains an ongoing history of each trainer for quality control purposes. To qualify as a registered ForexGoldMarkets.commentor, each candidate must intern a minimum of 136 hours and prove that s/he can trade a minimum of 200 trades successfully without a loss. The mentors’ trading histories proving the 200 successful trades are printed from a broker’s dealing station, filed with a Primary Market Maker, and are also on file at the corporate office. (Note: Past performance is not indicative of future results.)

Our mentors take pride in the fact that they never access your computer throughout the entire trading course. Our hands-on systematic training increases the new trader’s comprehension of market and trading dynamics, which are then cultivated as skills to apply in trade scenarios. New traders who follow the curriculum are allowed to repeat the course for FREE. This return audit opportunity is one of our open secrets to producing outstanding traders. We encourage our traders to take the course as many times as possible. Our mentors have accumulated strong, positive trading successes because they are constantly in tune with the market signals and regularly teaching effective rules of trading. New traders who repeat the course learn much more through hearing and seeing successive repetitions of winning trading skills.

Referral Program Available

We have introduced a special program that will allow an individual to attend our weekday morning Forex trading sessions for free. After completing the program, the new trader will need to establish a trading margin account with a broker for as little as $1,000.00 (“mini” dealing station).  We are currently negotiating with several companies for the purpose of establishing a “MICRO” account whereby a trader may begin trading with as little as $300 and learn to trade with pennies. Even with a “micro” account, you will be able to acquire the same successful trading skills that the more seasoned traders use in the much larger “mini” and “standard” trading accounts. If you have the will, desire, and the time to learn, even beginning with very little money, there is always a way to improve yourself. If you would like more information about this very special referral opportunity, then Click Here for your confidential request and personal explanation of the program.


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